Adelasia nature reserve - Liguria

Adelasia nature reserve - Liguria

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Type: Adelasia Nature Reserve; established on November 15, 1976 by written deed between 3M Italy and the Committee for the Protection of the Natural Environment of the Bormida Valleys and WWF Italy. The area was inaugurated with the opening to the public in September 1989.
Region: Liguria
Province: Savona

The Adelasia Nature Reserve occupies an area of ​​almost 500 hectares along the Bormida di Mallare basin, in the Municipality of Cairo Montenotte, in the province of Savona. Woods as far as the eye can see, streams of crystal clear water, mysterious caves, incredible views from the alps to the sea in the places where Princess Adelasia and her companion Aleramo found refuge before giving life to the noble dynasty that for centuries dominated vast lands between Liguria and Piemonte.

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Lalta Val Bormida is mostly covered by forest formations, composed almost entirely of broad-leaved trees which were often cultivated or in any case favored by man for food or for timber purposes. The most important woods from this point of view are undoubtedly the chestnut woods, present above all in the medium-low bands of the slopes. At higher altitudes they are gradually replaced by mixed woods made up of hornbeam, oak, maple, hazel, white poplar, rowan, wild cherry, beech, Scots pine. Going up to higher altitudes, beech tends to become the dominant species and to constitute pure woods.
Beech woods have also been used by man, especially for the production of timber, so that most of these woods in Val Bormida are made up of coppices, cut periodically. Sometimes, however, there are beech woods that, for historical and cultural reasons, have not been ceded for many years and are therefore formed by imposing trees, some of which reach considerable dimensions. The most beautiful beech forests are certainly those of Colle del Melogno and the Barbottina Forest, owned by the State Property and therefore protected. They are located at the head of the Val Bormida and are crossed by the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri, along one of the most pleasant and demanding stages. Numerous initiatives have been undertaken to defend the nature of the valley and in particular the woodland heritage, above all by the Committee for the protection of the natural environment of the Bormida Valley. For example, a census of monumental trees with a cathedral chest circumference of more than two meters was made: oaks, chestnuts, elms and white poplars. Other information
The Reserve extends for over 500 hectares in the upper and naturalistically more integral part of the Rio Ferranietta basin. Woods of various tree species among which centenary specimens of beech and chestnut stand out, wetlands, karst areas with caves of considerable importance, springs that give life to clear streams, pastures, flora and fauna are preserved in these wild and uncontaminated territories. Four routes of different length and difficulty allow you to discover the obvious naturalistic aspects and the now hidden traces of important historical events worthy of note such as the famous battle of Montenotte which saw the Napoleonic troops oppose the Austro-Piedmontese army back in April 1796.

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Adelasia Nature Reserve

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