Lago di Villa Nature Reserve - Aosta Valley

Lago di Villa Nature Reserve - Aosta Valley

Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Regional Natural Reserve; established with D.P.G.R. November 10, 1992 n. 1117.
Region: Aosta Valley

The Lago di Villa Nature Reserve is a low mountain lake-peat basin; the protected area covers approximately 27 hectares and is located in the Municipality of Challand Saint Victor.

Villa di Lago Nature Reserve (photo


The lake of Villa is a small basin without natural inlets; its feeding is linked to underground contributions that guarantee the stability of the level and to an irrigation canal that descends from the east side, periodically fed both by the waters of the Rû dArlaz and by those coming from the Challand area. In the past the lake was used for irrigation. The environment of the Reserve is characterized by the clear environmental and vegetational contrast between the humidity of the lake and the peri-lake areas, and the aridity of the surrounding basin.
The most interesting plant species in the Reserve are clearly aquatic ones, such as water lily and Polygonum amphibium. Among the animals, the presence of amphibians (common toad, green frog, Dalmatian frog, salamander) is of particular interest.

Information for the visit

Agriculture and Natural Resources Department
Department of Natural Resources and Forestry Corps - Flora, Fauna, Hunting and Fishing Department
Protected Areas Service
Loc. Amérique 127 / a
11020 Quart (AO)
Surveillance: Verrès Forest Station

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