Codibugnolo Oasis - Veneto

Codibugnolo Oasis - Veneto

Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Legambiente Oasis
Veneto region
Province: Treviso

The Codibugnolo oasis involves a floodplain area of ​​24 hectares located along the course of the Piave in the central part of the river between the municipalities of Spesiano and Ponte di Piave, in the municipal area of ​​Maserada sul Piave (Treviso).

Codibugnolo Oasis (photo


In the Oasis there is an interesting evolution involving the original representatives of the arboreal layer such as black poplars and willows: also due to the lowering of the water table, black hornbeams, linden trees, ornaments and other trees introduced by man, such as mulberry, walnut, plane tree, locust, are progressively colonizing those areas where extensive deaths occurred in populations of spontaneous poplars. LOasi is also enriched by many shrub species, such as hawthorn, dogwood, dog rose, honeysuckle, privet, barberry, juniper, sea buckthorn, buckthorn, sanguine. In the herbaceous cover, the splendid orchids of the mature arid meadow and the forest edges stand out; in the more extensive and arid clearings it is still possible to observe the phenomenon of the encounter between the herbaceous species of the mountain flora that floated downstream from the river and the dating coast.

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