Gennaro Pisciotta - Curriculum vitae

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Dr. Gennaro Pisciotta

    Date of birth: 19/10/1955
    Residence: Via Lago Patria, 104
    80014 Giugliano in Campania (Na)

- Diploma of Agricultural Expert obtained in 1973/74 at ITAS "E. De Cillis ”of Naples - Ponticelli;

  • Agricultural Expert specializing in Viticulture and Oenology in 2013/14 at the ITAS "De Santis" in Avellino
    - Degree in "Agricultural Sciences and Technologies" obtained at the G. Marconi University - Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technologies - Rome with a score of 110 110; Thesis - "Sensory analysis: tool for assessing the quality of agri-food products".
  • Postgraduate Course in Officinal Plants - obtained at the Medicine Department of Federico II University.
  • Agro-Environmental Legal Expert Course - Southern Apennine Observatory - University of Salerno

- Refresher courses: soil analysis (1985) and crop fertilization (1988) at the C.E.F.A. (European Agricultural Training Center) in Bologna;
- Continuous updating for physico-chemical analyzes in the sectors: agricultural, agro-industrial and pedological (soil and preparation of fertilization plans);
- Refresher courses in the field of biological and integrated pest management at the Biolab - Advanced Services Center for Agriculture of Martorano - Cesena;
- Continuous updating in the sector of agricultural and economic-appraisal consultancy;
- Training / refresher course on the estimation of hail damage on tobacco carried out in Orvieto organized by F.A.T.A .;
- 1st pilot course for agricultural technicians "Experts in technical assistance, control and certification of organic farms" (organized by the College of Agricultural Experts of Naples) - Community Program "Leonardo da Vinci" - Project "AGRI-ECO-FORM" - held at ITAS “E. De Cillis "Naples. April- May 1999.

- Enrolled in the Professional College of Agricultural Experts and Graduate Agricultural Experts of Naples from 1975 to 2014
- Member of the College of Agricultural Technicians of Naples since 2014
- Permanent Professor, since 1978, of "Agricultural Exercises" - ISIS Fa di Napoli - Coordinated School of Licola di Pozzuoli (Na) until 26 09 2018
- Forty years of consultancy in the agricultural and economic-appraisal, extrajudicial and judicial sector on behalf of private and public clients;
- Expert of the Specialized Agricultural Section of the Court of Naples for the two years 2004-05, 2005-06, 2007-08 (Law n.320 1963 - art.3);
- Registered in the Register of Consultants of the Municipality of Bacoli (NA) and Quarto (NA) in the Agricultural Experts Section;
- Registered in the list of state-owned expert instructors for civic uses of the Campania Region since 1987 7082;
- Head of the IPSAA chemical-agricultural laboratory "F. Silvestri ”- Naples from 1992 to 2008;
- Laboratory activities in the sectors of analysis: chemical-agricultural, soil and irrigation water at the Analysis Laboratory of the I.SIS "F. Falcone "- School of Licola of Pozzuoli (Na);
- Collaboration and research activities with Prof. Andrea Buondonno of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of the Federico II University of Caserta in the field of soil analysis applied to the fertilization of crops with fertilizers of different organic matrix and on zeolites;
- Field technical assistance in Organic Agriculture for the Biocert of Naples;
- Sommelier of the Italian Sommelier Federation (FISAR);
- Cheese taster and Master taster - O.N.A.F (National Organization of Cheese Tasters);
- Training course "Quality in the dairy sector" organized by the Consortium for Training University Business COMETT Forum approved by the Commission of the European Communities and carried out in collaboration with the Food Technology Institute of the University of Tuscia - Caprarola (Rome) from 1 to March 5, 1993;
- Participation in the meeting "Role and importance of advice to agricultural companies in Italian agriculture" organized by AGROFARMA and the Faculty of Agriculture - Federico II University - Naples. November 1993;
- Participation in the conference "Environmentally compatible agriculture" organized by L'Altriralia Ambiente and Biocert - Naples. April 1997;
- Participation in the 4 th Euroworkshop “Natural Zeolites; Occurance, Properies, Use ”organized by the FEZA held in Ischia (Na) from 19 to 21 September 1997;
- Refresher Course "Agronomic and environmental reading of soil maps" of the Order of Agronomists and Foresters of the Province of Naples in 1998;
- Participation in the popular meeting "Structural analysis and development prospects for the organic products supply chain" organized by the Campania Region - STAPA of Giugliano (Na). October 2001;
- Participation in the updating seminar "The new forms of rural tourism: constraints and opportunities" organized by the C.C.I.A.A. of Naples and the C.I.A. November 2002;
- Participation in the study day "Accident prevention and improvement of safety in the workplace" organized by EUROLAT S.p.a. - Piana di Monteverna (Ce) - 2003;
- Participation in the conference "Innovative methods for GM traceability for the protection of biosecurity and food safety" - organized by the Higher Institute of Plant Nutrition - Rome. October 2003;
- Participation in the international conference "Research and innovation in agriculture: bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers for an eco-sustainable production" - organized by the Department of Arboriculture and Plant Pathology - Faculty of Agriculture - Federico II University - Naples. Feb. 2005;
- Refresher Course on the "Culture and quality of the Campania region's wine and wine production" organized by the Agripromos of the C.C.I.A.A of Naples and Italian Enoteca - 2005;
- Participation 8th Ed. "Professional Cheese Days" c o C.C.I.A.A. Naples - set. 2005;
- Training course. "Wine Operators" organized by Il Denaro - Research Training Project ESF 2000 - 2006 POR Campania Region. September - November 2005;
- Training course "Organizing a safety management system and operating manual" organized by the C.C.I.A.A. of Naples - April 2006;
-Participation in the Thematic Seminar "New marketing techniques marketing strategies for the Campania wine sector" organized by the University of Wine and Mater - Ottaviano - May 2006;
- Participation in the "Food Safety" Conference organized by the Provincial College of Agricultural Experts and Graduate Agricultural Experts of Naples. June 2006;
- Participation in the conference "The agricultural company in the face of competition" organized by the Department of Economics of the "Federico II °" University - Naples - June 2006;
- Participation in the International Conference "Gaia and Bacchus - The influence of terroir on the quality of wines" organized by the Order of Geologists of Campania - February 15, 2008;
- Qualification of "Master Taster" registered in the O.N.A.F (National Organization of Cheese Tasters), obtained in 2008.
- Member of Assoenologi since 2014 as Oenologist-Oenologist

- Co-author of the text "Entrepreneurship in the wine-growing sector" published by the I.P.S.A.A. "F. Silvestri ”of Naples in 1994;
- Co-author of the text "Information notes on organic agriculture" - edited by the I.P.S.A.A. Silvestri ”of Naples in 1997;
- Author of the text "Agricultural Law and Legislation" published by the Simone editions of Naples in 1997 in the specialized series "Series L";
- Author of the text "Agricultural Law and Legislation" - Second Edition, updated and revised, published by the Simone editions of Naples in 2002 in the specialized series "Series L" (the chapter on the farm is particularly accurate in the text).
- Different articles of oenology and viticulture, etc. on

E-mail:[email protected]
Mobile: 3287886701

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