Goat breeds: Negra Serrana

Goat breeds: Negra Serrana

Origin and diffusion

Origin: Spain.

Very robust and perfectly adapted to difficult areas where it lives. Based on its morphological characteristics, it could be deduced that its ancestor is found in the Capra Prisca, with the possible influence of other ethnic groups, such as the Nubian. The geographical area of ​​diffusion is located at the confluence of the provinces of Ciudad Real, Albacete and Jaén, in the areas at the foot of the Sierra Morena and Sierra de Alcaraz.

Morphological and productive characteristics

It is a large breed autochthonous breed. Strong sexual dimorphism.
They have a convex profile, proportions with a tendency to longorphorphosis and large dimensions, although they vary according to the areas of exploitation and the management system applied. They have highly developed prisca spiral horns. The presence of dewlap, called gorja, is much more characteristic in the breed, much more developed in animals established in Andalusia. The hair is black, although a number of animals have white hair on the muzzle, on the ears and on the base of the tail. On the other hand, a fraction of animals that corresponds almost entirely to that established in the Andalusian community, has a red coat (a mixture of white and black hair) in its various shades, which when called lighter is called blue. Elongated trunk, with arched ribs. Deep and protruding chest. Posterior third muscle.

Medium weight:
- Male: 80-100, sometimes up to 125 kg
- Female: 60-80 kg

Goat meat is highly appreciated.

Capra Negra Serrana (photo

Negra Serrana ram (photo

Negra Serrana sheep (photo

Sexual dimorphism in the Negra Serrana breed

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