Pigeon breeds: Piacentino

Pigeon breeds: Piacentino

Origin and economic characteristics

The Piacentino (once called bulk of Piacenza or Mondano Piacentino, according to the authors), is an Italian breed dating back to the 19th century very widespread in the province of Piacenza (Emilia). Locally it is still called Pitone Piacentino (from the dialectal term Pitton used to indicate a "real" pigeon of large size).

Morphological characteristics

Average weight from 750 to 800 grams. Robust but not stocky body, worn as horizontal as possible. Its average length, from the tip of the beak to the end of the tail, varies from 34 to 36 cm.
Black eyes (vetch eye) in the white coat, orange red in the other ones. The eyelids are bright red. Pink flesh beak in white subjects, horn in others, with smooth and white caruncles. Smooth and elegant head. Bright red tarsi, naked; nails of the same color as the beak.
Cloaks: white, and more recently black, red, yellow.

Colombo Piacentino (website photo)

Colombo Piacentino (photo

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