Pigeon breeds: Hungarian Gazzo

Pigeon breeds: Hungarian Gazzo

Origin and economic characteristics

Breed of show pigeons originally from Eastern Europe. The Hungarians of the mid-nineteenth century were less well-shaped pigeons and kept their tails low, in the opposite direction of current subjects. It seems to derive from the cross between Fiorentino and Bagadesi of Nuremberg and Colombi Turchi.

Morphological characteristics

Upright habit, large body and dense plumage. It stands out for its imprint and staining.
Colored face and bib. A small white strip that crosses the head from the nasal caruncles and descends, widening for the upper parts of the neck. The colored gag ends at the tip of the goiter to give way to a white band between the goiter and the roots of the wings. The primary feathers and thighs are white. the rest of the body is colored.
It exists in black, red, silver, with rods and colorful.

Silver Hungarian Gazzo - Red Hungarian Gazzo (photo

Hungarian pigeons (photo

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