Agricultural entomology: Baccha elongata

Agricultural entomology: Baccha elongata

Classification and host plants

Class: Insects
Order: Diptera
Suborder: Brachiceri (Ciclorafi section)
Family: Sirphids
Tribe: Bacchini
Genus: Baccha
Species: B. elongata Fabricius, 1775

Reported throughout Italy. Flight period: from April to October.


the specimens belonging to this species are easily recognized by the very elongated shape of the abdomen, slightly narrow (petiolate) in the basal part. The wings are long and transparent or only slightly brown. The only species with which it can be confused are those of the genus Sphegina, which however have enlarged posterior femurs; at a microscopic level, the hairy humers that are naked in Baccha elongata can be noted in Sphegina.

Female specimen - Baccha elongata Fabricius, 1775 (photo by R. Varrone)

Habitat of the species

quite common, it prefers shady environments, in particular woods, both deciduous of Conifers. However, it is also present in man-made environments such as hedges, urban woods, etc. The adult generally flies low among the dense vegetation; it is rarely found in open environments, where it is common among herbaceous vegetation. For this reason, it is often not known and it is probably less frequent than not in reality. Visit a very large number of flowers belonging to various families (Compositae, Rosaceae and Umbrelliferae).

Female specimen - Baccha elongata Fabricius, 1775 (By Pjt56 --- If you use the picture outside Wikipedia I would appreciate a short e-mail to [email protected] or a message on my discussion page - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https: / /

Description and ecology of the larva

quite characteristic in appearance due to its elongated shape, the central white broad and two narrower at the lateral margins, in general it is similar to the larva of Platycheirus. It is aphidiphagous, reported as predator of a wide range of aphids that live mainly on shrubby herbaceous plants, such as spurge, elderberry, jeracio, etc.

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