Horse breeds: Holstein

Horse breeds: Holstein

Origins and attitudes

Horse originally from Germany. Raised since the Middle Ages (13th century) in a swampy area north-west of the mouth of the Elbe, it has been used as a war horse (saddle and towing of artillery pieces). Rather heavy, it has been improved over the centuries with the support, among others, of Andalusians, Arabs, Cleveland Bay and English Thoroughbreds. The recent use of the latter has made it an excellent saddle horse, lightening its size and making it more lively.
Saddle horse used in equestrian sports (versatile).

Morphological characters

Type: meso-dolicomorphic.
Coat: bay, morello, gray, chestnut.
Height at the withers: approx. 155 - 165 cm.
Weight: 550 - 600 kg.
Docile, courageous, energetic character.
He moves lightly despite his heavy physique.

Holstein (photo

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